What wear and take on board

Of course the little trip or trip will always be pleasant regardless of your dress, but having made wrong choices will make you feel more comfortable and will be useful.
Dressing properly for a boat ride might seem like something trivial, but it is not. In fact, although life on the boat is quite spartan, a certain type of clothing is required, to be able to move easily and dexterously between narrow spaces, or simply to be more comfortable. The advice of this guide will certainly be useful for this purpose.
Many boat enthusiasts decide to take off and enjoy a wonderful holiday every year, turning from port to port, or they decide to rent one for the weekend for a trip with friends.
Taking a boat ride is certainly one of the most relaxing and regenerating sensations you can have after a long day of stress. Let yourself go, to enjoy the swaying of the sea, the silence and lie down to see the blue sky. But how to dress properly? It depends on the temperature of that moment. Before getting on a boat, it should be noted, if you need to remove your shoes, to safeguard any wood covering. In this guide we will give useful tips that will help you understand how to dress properly for a boat ride.

In boat every inch of space is precious, so better not to take it with a rigid bag or with a trolley: the best choice will be a soft and waterproof bag (or bag), which you can easily fold and put away once emptied.
 Space then swimwear, T-shirts, shorts and trousers with many pockets, a long-sleeved shirt, a slightly heavier shirt for the evening, waterproof and windproof summer jacket and possibly a more elegant dress for some evening to spend on land.
 As far as t-shirts are concerned, polo shirts with collar are preferable to protect the neck from annoying burns. Also as regards burns, sunglasses, hat, sun creams and lip sticks should never be missing and, as far as glasses are concerned, whether alone or in sight, it is preferable to have a cord to avoid to lose them or fall into the water.
 Chapter shoes: it is also known to those who have never gone by sea that the boats do not have to wear the same shoes used on land and must avoid both heels that soles leather or black rubber that may leave bad marks and are not safe anyway .
To be preferred, sneakers in white rubber soles or any type of boat shoe, many are also barefoot but depends on the situation, since it can still hurt.

If the rest of the people on board do not use shoes, then they can be uniformed, paying attention.
You have to avoid going around in socks as it is very easy to slip on the deck or below deck.
Then there is a whole series of accessories and objects that must be brought into the bag together with clothing: everything necessary for the toilet, for example, along with any possible medicine that you need.
Each sailboat is equipped with a first aid kit, but some medicines such as aspirin or tachipirine are not included, and you should also bring a cream in case of burns and ammonia for jellyfish irritations.
Those suffering from seasickness should be equipped with xamamina, patches, bracelets or other special products.
A useful addition can be marine soap, which will allow you to wash even with salt water.
You should avoid wearing jewelry and valuables, however it is good to keep money and documents in some waterproof case, just as you should always keep an eye on your cell phone because on the bridge it has a tendency to make unexpected and unpleasant dives into the sea.
In boat smoking is prohibited, at least below deck: In many cases you will be allowed to do it on the bridge but still holding leeward, better then be provided with a windproof lighter for any eventuality.

Materials that are easy to dry are preferred, such as fleece for sweaters and microfibre for towels, whether from the sea or for personal hygiene.
Consider the weather conditions
How to dress? Obviously there are no strict rules, the choice is of the person, but following a few tricks you can be sure not to make mistakes. Knowing the frequency of abrupt climate changes we must always have a light wind jacket, a scarf for the throat, and a hat, all to protect ourselves from fresh blows, which as we know cause physical discomfort. Calculating a summer day, it is good for women to wear trousers to the fisherman, with a shirt, in cotton, with long sleeves. Complete, even if simple, more than adequate, sophisticated and above all comfortable. The trousers make every movement free, and in the boat it is indispensable
A large bag to leave ready on the boat could be used to bring different items and to give comfort in times of need. For example, it may be useful to always have a sweater, shorts, towel, but also a quick change and if you have children too much other (diapers, bib, clothes, etc.). It is important to remember that, however small, the lap, you must always wear protective creams for the face and possibly for the whole body. The fresh sea air hides the warmth of the sun, and care must be taken not to burn yourself