Features of rest with children

If you want to give your children the maximum pleasure of traveling, planning to spend a comfortable and unforgettable holiday, yacht charter can be your ideal choice!
You can visit many beautiful beaches of Sardinia, many of which are available only by the sea, not fighting for a place on the crowded, especially in August, on the beaches.
Do you doubt travel safety? And all in vain! Children of royal families traveling by boat with the children of your worst children? But of course, it is advisable to travel with children aged no less than three years.

For a comfortable stay, it is sufficient to follow simple safety rules. Climbing aboard a yacht you do not have to ask the captain or his assistant, they will turn your children's holiday into a real party! Numerous fish will sail in minutes, if you stop a slice of bread for your table and your children will not be able to break off the fish!

How many happy moments will remain for your children after this trip!How many happy moments will remain for your children after this trip!

!As soon as it becomes boring, the captain will be able to bring together many seagulls, accustomed to hors d'oeuvres, which spoil their numerous visitors wonderful bays and take the slices of bread from your children's hands literally on the fly!
You can also bring along movies and games, which are of interest to the child during transitions. First from a boat trip the captain holds separate brief briefings with the guests, among which he focuses on the rules of behavior with the children. Keep in mind: It is your responsibility for children on board. Children, especially children, almost always go to a life jacket. Without the permission of adults, but also for any worsening of the time they are forbidden to go out on the bridge.

You need to pay attention to all the captain's bans - which you can touch, touch nothing wrong. I agree in advance with the children, that the captain is the most important in the boat, his need to obey blindly.
Have a good trip, and let the boat trip be an unforgettable adventure for your little travelers!