What to do in seasickness

To defeat this annoyance, just look at the source - that is, the waves. If the observer, standing on the edge of a yacht, follows, like an incident wave, slamming on the edge and slowly wound up doing so, then the likelihood of seasickness will tend to zero. Well it helps to fix the gaze on a point, the contemplation of the horizon, the long stay on the bridge and the fresh sea air. Here tight, closed cabins on the contrary, increase the load on the vestibular system, which worsens the state. From the nausea saves fresh lemon, ginger, mint, tea with lemon and honey, ginger drink, lemon and mint with a spoonful of honey, sour sugar sticks or gummy candies.

Remember, the most static thing placed in the boat - steering wheel. In the canteen pitching is maximum. To prevent seasickness, it is worth taking a "sea" of food. Sea fish, molluscs, octopus and other seafood are rich in protein, contain few fats and are easily digested. Eating their food before boarding and during the walk at sea reduces the likelihood of nausea. 

On the wrist of the left hand is the point, opened by the Chinese. The impact on it facilitates the state during seasickness. This knowledge actively uses UK sailors during intense pitching. All wear massages bracelets, which when turned on massage this point.

Meat fat, sandwiches, desserts, better to give up. Be sure to add ginger, lemon and mint, which effectively relieve symptoms and have no side effects. You can also use any kind of acidic foods and salty foods. It is not worth drinking alcohol on the boat. Improve the symptoms of seasickness. But good wine does not hurt. Feeding diportista is always easy and useful!

Defeating seasickness is possible by means of interesting activities. It will turn your attention and cause the brain to work in another direction, deviating from pitching. Do not attempt to read or write. During pitching, the book will be a further source of tension for your vestibular apparatus. It is only a cause of headaches and will reinforce nausea. Better to ask the command of a literacy campaign for navigation devices, look at nautical charts, tackle the knots to tie ropes, ask behind the wheel. Any activity that will offer you skipper, will help improve your well-being.
When the characteristic symptomatology occurs, do not go down in the cabin or salon. They are located on the bridge, in that place, where pitching is minimal and enjoy the blue of the sky, the sea breeze, the hubbub of the seagulls. Or go on the bridge, close your eyes and dream of something pleasant. This is a sure way of great help. Distracting is possible and standing, just look at a point on the horizon and meditate on the eternal. Before leaving necessarily to eat, but do not eat too much. Eliminate all heavy and fat. Use the feeding fraction technique: eat in small portions, but often.
All of the above is perfectly helping young travelers deal with seasickness. Even if your child gets seasick, use psychological techniques. Take care of an exciting game, say the true marine legend. Try to give the child candy ginger, saying that this drug is from feeling bad. After the measures taken, the manifestations of seasickness in children usually disappear.
The pharmaceutical industry offers a large list of anti-seasickness drugs. Including, they release effective ginger root-based drugs. Optimal means and dosage can be taken even before leaving with my doctor.
Cigarettes and alcohol cause arrhythmias, increased sweating, nausea, dizziness, so fighting motion sickness does not work!
Work, diet and ginger!
It is important to always keep a positive attitude and know the basic rules that allow you to deal with unpleasant situations. Do not worry about seasickness. In the open sea, visual perception is in contrast with sensations.